We’re a small batch distillery, which means each of our spirits is lovingly made by hand, and every batch is unique. Being small means we can be nimble – so we’re always up for trying new things.


Whether it’s the copper, the time of year, or the tears of the distiller, our core range of gins can see subtle variations between batches. To us, it’s all part of the fun. Like a little unexpected discovery in every bottle.

Mountain Gin

42% ABV.

Bold, balanced, and full of flavour, our Mountain Gin is made for adventuring. Confident enough to stand on its own, but cooperative enough to work with any tonic you could throw at it, this gin makes a great addition to the team.

Highly recommended for nights around the campfire, and sharing with friends – especially those who don’t think they’re big on gin (spoiler alert; they will be).

Notes: Juniper, Juicy Citrus, Rosemary and Lavender.

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Wave Gin

47% ABV.

Taking it’s inspiration from the ocean, our Wave gin is our take on a more classic style of gin. We wanted to balance our bold Mountain gin with something that gives a nod to what you may be familiar with in a Gin.

At a slightly higher proof of 47% to still maintain a boldness in cocktails, we use Sugar Kelp to give this gin a sweet dryness, while being balanced with rose, subtle citrus and liquorice root. The Wave is versatile gin for all your cocktails and great for classic gin lovers.

Notes: Dry citrus, Sugar Kelp, Rose and Licorice Root.

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