We see crafting spirits as an adventure, which means being bold and innovative is a given. We know the rules of distilling inside and out, so we can break them in style. Because where distilling traditions and our wild side meet, that’s where the magic happens.


It’s an old tradition to name stills after women in the family, and ours is no exception. Our beautiful 300L copper still is named Kay, after our founder Frankie’s grandma – who’s had more adventures on the Southward Ho than she could count.

Frankie designed Kay to be nimble enough to cope with small or large batches, giving every Southward spirit a full flavour profile.

We use a range of macerating and steam techniques – switching it up depending on the botanicals we’re using at the time. You know that feeling when the clouds are rolling in, it’s just about to rain, and the air feels heavy with moisture? Combine that with a steamy, hot shower, and that’s what’s going on inside Kay whenever she makes gin.

To find out more about how Kay makes Southward so good, join the club.


We love to experiment with small, unique and new ingredients and love to share our process. We are a distillery on display and happy to chat and collaborate.

Which is why we craft wild spirits infused with the memories we’ve made, the places we’ve lived, and the people we’ve loved.

Our Story


We always wanted our process to be able to make our own spirits, but, also create flavours and spirits for others as well. Kay makes up to 280 bottles per batch maximum, everything is done to that small batch style of our gins. Each bottle is labelled and numbered to show when it came to be.


We’re big on community, which is why we love to collaborate with brands and people we meet. Whether for your business, your brand, or just for you, we can make tailored flavours and labels for any occasion or event. So talk to us about telling your own unique story, with a custom-made gin.

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Whether we’re inventing ingredients, pioneering our process, or coming up with new ways to share a drink with our community, we’re always getting creative. Learn a little more about the spirits we love to make, and love to drink.